About us

Ekologinis Burnių ūkis, organic family owned farm since 2005 offers fresh, organic vegetables. We believe in human right to consume fresh, healthy and nutritious food on the daily basis.  We aim for sustainable farming and therefore our farm is 100%  organic and GMO-free. We offer products with direct supply to households and wholesalers. This year we offer organic garlic, onions and pumpkins.


Garlic is one of the most valuable vegetables used both for food as well as medicine since ancient Egypt around the world cuisines. Organic garlic holds more essential oils, full of healing features.


Onions is number one choice for any cook, either is restaurant chef or anyone in his home kitchen. We grow yellow and red onions, as well as shallots. Shallots are mild and preferred by gourmet cooks.


Pumpkins are an adornment in any garden, but it is also very healthy vegetable with 1.5 times higher percentage of Vitamin A, thank any other vegetable. It lasts well through the year, so you can enjoy, desserts, soups, jams and stews with low calories all year.


Ekologinis Burnių ūkis

Komariškių km. Baisogalos sen., Radviliškio raj., LT-82329

+370 68607099